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2016 News

The SUB system that will be demonstrated at the first VIRIES (Veterinary Interventional Radiology and Interventional Endoscopy Society) and VES meeting in Jackson Hole Wyoming June 12-14 2016.

VIRIESWe were thrilled at the opportunity to be a sponsor and partner with both VIRIES and VES and to bring the SUB to the veterinary market.  

As our way of saying thank you for attending the first VIRIES meeting, we are offering a 10% discount  for purchases made at the meeting.  If you are visiting from overseas, please email me your requirements in advance so that I may have them shipped to the meeting for you to take home with you.


Now Available on You-Tube
a Sugical Training Video
by Drs. Allyson Berent and Chick Weisse to compliment to the Surgical Guide provided in each Subcutaneous Ureteral ByPass kit


Be sure to view the SUB Nephrostomy placement short video
to demonstrate the standard SUB Nephrostomy tube placement in a ureteral obstruction by Drs. Berent and Weisse.



Now Available for purchase - a reusable 3 D model of an obstructed feline kidney for nephrostomy catheter placement practice into the pelvis or down the ureter under fluoroscopic guidance or direct visualization.3 d feline kidney model The 3D SUB model kit eases new or complicated surgeries, allows you to practice and refine your skils on a realistic model.

3 D Model Guide Download the 3 D Feline Model Information

The model is packaged in a kit with a Nephrostomy catheter, guide wire and instruction manual.

To order your SUB Training Kit
call 847-674-7143 ext 301 or



Comming Soon - new device in association with Dr. Weisse and Dr. Berent that can be used as a laryngeal stent, nasopharyngeal tenet, nasal stent.........


sub with cathetersThe SUB System, a Subcutaneous Ureteral Bypass System, is now available for the treatment of canine and feline ureteral obstructions. Using the combination of a locking loop nephrostomy catheter, a fenestrated cystostomy catheter and a shunting subcutaneously placed access port, the nephrostomy tube remains indwelling. The subcutaneous location of the SUB system overcomes the problems of infection, dislodgement and hospitalization associated with externized drainage catheters.


AUS in situThe AUS-Port System, an Artificial Urethral Sphincter-Port System, an indwelling percutaneously controlled urethral hydraulic occluder and access port system is available for the treatment of refractory urinary incontinence (RUI) in canine and feline companion pets. The AUS-Port System is an effective long-term treatment for RUI when traditional therapies have failed. While the potential advantages of the system are numerous, of significant importance is the ability for ongoing adjustment of urethral diameter in a minimally invasive manner over the course of the pets life on an outpatient basis.

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